Wood floors are inherently beautiful.  They offer a luster and feel that is difficult to find with other flooring options.  Of course, there are numerous options out there for your needs, when you determine that you want to install hardwood floors within your home.

One of the more popular options available is solid custom finish wood flooring in Houston, TX.  What does this choice bring you?  What is meant by “custom finish”?  You will find that this choice is different from prefinished wood flooring, or even engineered wood flooring.

The Custom Finish – The finish of your floors is what gives the wood its color and luster.  In many cases, the finish is applied by the manufacturer of the flooring.  However, this is not the best option for everyone.  Some people like to choose their own finish, as this offers them the ability to match their home’s existing décor or structural elements within their home to a greater degree.

Usually, the way that solid custom finish wood flooring in Houston, TX works is that the finish will be applied after the installation is done.  However, what this means for you, as a homeowner, is that you will not be able to walk on those floors immediately.  You must give the finish time to dry completely before you walk on the wood.  For some people, this can be a bother, but it usually does not take an incredibly long time for the finish to cure.

Refinishing Advantages – One of the disadvantages to having a prefinished floor is that refinishing the floor can void your manufacturer’s warranty.  However, with solid custom finish wood flooring installation in Houston, TX, you do not have this worry.  Therefore, when your floors begin to show signs of wear, or you find that the scratches have simply become too much to be endured, you can refinish it without worrying about your warranty.

This means that you can change the color of your floor, the luster of the wood and more.  For some people, this is an attractive option, as it can enable them to periodically change the look of their home, adding variety and greater enjoyment.
The key to finding the best custom finished flooring is to choose the right company.  Thankfully, you will find some tremendous options for solid custom finish wood flooring installation in Houston, TX.