There are numerous things that you can do to add value, appeal and beauty to your home.  One of the best options is to add hardwood floors, though.

If you are interested in this type of flooring option, you probably have many questions that you would like to have answered before making a decision.  What should you know about you a hardwood floor installation in Houston, TX?

First, you probably have some questions about the types of hardwood flooring available.  Besides the various species of wood (oak, walnut, cherry, etc.), you also have three categories from which to choose.  What are these categories?  They are prefinished solid wood, solid wood with a custom finish and engineered wood.  What does each type offer you, the homeowner, though?

Prefinished Solid Wood – This is one of the most popular options for hardwood floor installation in Houston, TX.  It is the most affordable, and comes prefinished, so there is no additional work, other than the installation.  The manufacturer of the flooring applies a finish at the factory, alleviating the need to do so before or after installation.  While these types of floors can be refinished, it might void your warranty, though.
Solid Wood with a Custom Finish – This option for hardwood floor installation in Houston, TX, comes unfinished from the manufacturer.  It does cost a small amount more than the prefinished option, but you are able to obtain the exact finish that you want, which is great for those who want a truly custom look for their floors.  In addition, the floors can be refinished as you need, or you can even change the color of the wood or the sheen level.

Engineered Wood – Engineered wood is pretty much what it sounds like.  This type of flooring is made from real wood (it’s not a laminate).  Engineered wood is more durable than some other types of flooring, though it is somewhat more expensive.  In addition, it comes prefinished, with no need for sanding or sealing after your installation.  This means no waiting to walk on your floors. Houston Flooring

These are your three main choices when it comes to hardwood floor installation in Houston, TX.  Once you have determined the category of flooring you want, you can move on to the finish details, such as color, sheen level and wood species that you desire within your home.