Changing the look and comfort level of your home is an important part of creating the lifestyle and healthy living environment that you desire.

Getting rid of your carpet can be an excellent option.  Carpet can hold dust mites and allergens, and can also give off fumes when new.  Going with a high quality laminate over carpet is a great choice.  In addition, laminated flooring installation in Houston, TX, can give you the look of real wood, without the cost involved with hardwood floors.  What should you know about laminates, though?

Your Pattern – The pattern layer of laminate flooring is the portion that you see.  This is the top surface, where you will find the wood grain or other design that you like.  Choosing the right pattern is important.  This will determine the type of wood grain on your floor, the “plank width,” the color and more.  Unlike hardwood floors, there is no option for refinishing if you decide that you are unhappy with your purchase.  Laminate cannot be changed, other than with a new installation.

The Core Layer – The core layer of laminate flooring is made of HDF, which is water resistant and long lasting.  This ensures that your floor holds up well to any type of traffic.  This is important considering the fact that laminate flooring cannot be refinished.  The core layer is also part of the locking system, which makes laminated flooring installation in Houston, TX simpler than you might imagine.

Installation Procedure – The installation procedure for laminate flooring is relatively simple.  It is a free-floating method that does not involve glue or adhesives.  Laminate planks interlock with one another, so the entire laminated floor locks together and then “floats” on your existing subfloor.  This ensures a quick installation procedure, as well as giving the flooring room to move and give if necessary.  This also ensures that individual planks can be replaced should the need ever arise. Houston Flooring

These are the three key areas to choosing a laminate and understanding the procedure for a laminated flooring installation in Houston, TX.  You will find that a qualified flooring company will offer you additional information, as well as a wide range of choices in laminate floor designs.  With the right dealer, you can find any type of floor pattern you might want, from standard wood patterns to very exotic options.