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Bathroom Flooring


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Wooden Flooring



Tile flooring can provide a great way to establish an elegant and durable floor in any room or patio. At Royal Floors of Houston, we specialize in providing our customers with the widest selection, lowest prices, and the highest quality installation of tile flooring available anywhere. With our free interior design services, our expert designers will help you decide on the type of tile that is right for any project that you have planned. Our professional installers are dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible. We are sure that you will be amazed with the final result.

In addition to tile flooring, we also provide kitchen and bathroom tiles for walls, counter tops, and showers. If it has come time to get rid of your old-fashion worn out tiles, or you simply want to give your bathroom or kitchen a little twist, you've come to the right place. Royal Floors will provide you with all the time and help you need in choosing just what type of tile you want. There are so many different materials and styles to pick from. You can even mix and match different materials and styles and arrange your tiles in different colors. Don't be afraid to try to do something different original to your kitchen or bath! After you have decided on your tiles and their design, Royal Floors will make sure they get proper installation.

Tile has a natural, handcrafted look that is durable and easy to maintain. It is perfect for high traffic areas including entry ways where dirt and water may enter the house. The design possibilities are endless because there are a vast number of different options available. When selecting tile for any project, there are several factors that you should consider including the material, dimensions, color, texture, and pattern. The material used is extremely important. There are several different materials that can be used to make tiles including Ceramic, Porcelain, and Natural Stone like Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, and Slate.



Ceramic : tile is made from clay and other minerals. The material is shaped and then fired in a kiln. Ceramic tiles will then be further treated as either Glazed or Unglazed.

Glazed Ceramic Tile : Color is added to the tile and a glass like glaze is bonded to the surface of the tile. Glazing allows brighter colors to be used and adds stain resistance. Glazed Ceramic tiles are often used on walls and countertops because they have a slick glassy surface.


Unglazed Ceramic Tile : Also called quarry tiles, the pigment or natural color remains part of the tile itself. Unglazed tiles can give a natural earthy look and are more slip resistant than glazed tiles. Unglazed tile needs sealing for stain resistance


Porcelain : Porcelain is made from fine white clay fired at an extremely high temperature. Porcelain is much denser than ceramic and is extremely resistant to stains and moisture.


Natural Stone : This material is completely natural stone cut from solid stone blocks. Because of this, no two pieces will ever be exactly the same. Natural stone remains beautiful and durable for a lifetime and can provide an excellent surface for floors, walls, and countertops. Natural Stone includes Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, and Slate.

Granite : Granite is one of the hardest and most durable of all flooring tiles. Its smooth polish brings an elegant feel to your home. Granite tile is a perfect choice for hard surface applications where durability and low maintenance is important, such as tiles for kitchen countertops and high traffic areas.


Marble : Marble is known for its classic beauty. Marble can provide a great way for home-owners to increase the value of their home and reflect a refined taste. It can provide a great way to dramatically change a bland space into a luxurious one.


Limestone : Limestone can provide your space with a naturally soft element. A perfect choice for giving your home a refined rustic look.


Travertine : Travertine was widely used during the Roman Empire. It consists of crystallized minerals and limestone. Its beautiful polish adds classic beauty to any room.


Slate : A fine natural stone with traces of metal and earth. Slate is a more rustic stone and is highly durable and available in many colors, offering a beautiful way to protect your home from the elements.

At Royal Floors, we carry provide with different tiles Layouts:

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